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Technical Decision Maker Financial Decision Maker Influencer Not Involved
*Desktop personal computers/workstations, notebooks, handheld computers and peripherals
*Servers (including server and storage appliances)
*Computer software, including operating system software, applications, utilities, security software, and network or server software
*Business solutions (such as software for managing business processes such as financial management and inventory management, and software for managing customer processes such as contact management, sales and marketing management)
*Networking equipment including intranet, Internet, extranet, LAN, WAN, wireless and network access services
*IT operations, maintenance and repair
*IT outsourcing and IT contract management
*Telecommunications equipments (such as VoIP, PBX, and Mobile Device)
* Approximately how many people does your organization employ wordwide?
* Which of the following best describes your organization’s primary type of business? If several types describe the business equally well, you can select up to three choices.
Accommodation & food services
Administrative & Support
Aerospace and Defense: Products, Maintenance, and Services
Arts, Entertainment & recreation
Chemicals: Agriculture, Plastics, Fibers, and Coatings
Computer Hardware: PC, Data Storage, Networking, and Peripherals
Computer Software and Services: Entertainment, Database, Networking, and Data
Consumer products- Durables: Appliances, Lawn, garden, Toys, etc.
Consumer products – Non-Durables: Apparel, personal care, office supplies, etc.
Diversified services: Security, human resources, rentals, etc.
Electronics & Miscellaneous Technology: Semiconductor, Scientific and Technical instruments
Finance & Insurance
Government - local, regional, provincial
Government - national, federal, military
Health Care products, services, & social assistance
Manufacturing / Production
Marketing, Market Research, Advertising, and Journalist/PR
Media: Broadcasting, movies, publishing, Internet, and online
Professional, scientific, and technical services
Real Estate Rental & Leasing
Transportation and Warehousing
Waste management & remediation

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TechSay is a community of IT professionals (programmers, managers, executives, etc.) who take online surveys to support market research efforts in the IT and technology industries.


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