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TechSay members receive important market research surveys that impact the future of IT products and developments. Our members are paid generously for providing their valuable opinions, and we appreciate their genuine responses. However, even the most business driven IT professional requires levity, and a chance to see their technology favorites go head to head. Welcome to BattleTek.

These polls will require 60 seconds and your enthusiasm. The only incentive is pride. Will your favorite brand prevail? Will you integrate all of your systems or not? PHP vs ASP? Does the Atari 800 or Commodore 64 collect dust in your closet? BattleTek poll results are reported in real-time so you can see the progress 24x7x365.

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Gadgets Galore - Which are your favs?

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How green is your office?

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Portable Media Player

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10-15-07 Apple Leopard Take the poll   Poll results
9-15-07 Apple iPhone Take the poll   Poll results
7-21-07 Mac vs. PC Take the poll   Poll results

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