TechSay has a simple business model: We anonymously connect IT professionals like you with market research companies and large technology firms who need your opinions, and we pay you for your input. The benefits of joining our online survey community are straightforward:

Take online surveys to share your opinions

Participate in market research and directly influence the direction of products related to your field, expertise and interests.

Earn cash

For each survey you complete, you’ll receive TekPoints. Accumulate 1,000 TekPoints and you can redeem for $50 USD, in your local currency.

Even if you aren’t qualified for a specific online survey, you’ll still receive a small amount of TekPoints.

No contests, giveaways or suspicious rewards

Unlike most online survey providers, we don’t reward you by entering you into a contest you’ll never win. We pay you for every survey you take.

Your privacy ensured

Your personal information is never given to the companies we work with, allowing you to give your honest opinion in every online survey. In addition, all information is stored in a secure database that has been trusted for years by members and clients alike.

What to expect...

Receive an email invitation.
Review survey instructions and monetary reward.
Click the survey link and complete the survey.
Receive your TekPoints.
Wait for the next survey. Cash out at 1,000 TekPoints.

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